Coinvise Keynote: Communities with Superpowers
Eliot Couvat
September 9th, 2021

We are incredibly excited to announce the Coinvise V3 Keynote - Communities with Superpowers.

The Keynote will be co-hosted by Jenil ThakkerAdam Levy as a special guest on September 16th at 9 AM PST on Coinvise Discord. V3 offers powerful tools for creators that act as the foundational layer for building tokenized communities. This is a significant milestone for us to showcase the evolution of Coinvise and how it enables creators to achieve economic freedom.

About the Event

V3 introduces a new paradigm for creators to not only launch a token, but also to build & operate meaningful communities. In the keynote, we'll go over some of the features & guides on how to use Coinvise. We'll also talk about how we aim to shape community building in future & making creation a multiplayer game. All existing creators on Coinvise will have access to the event.

About Coinvise

At Coinvise, we genuinely believe in creators having ownership over the means of production & distribution of their work & how they can build mission-driven communities. It's the most trusted and easy-to-use platform for creators to launch a social token and build a tokenized community. We aim to build tools that help reshape they way creators monetize & build value on the internet.

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