How to Claim Vested Tokens on Coinvise

Vesting a token means locking a certain amount of tokens over a certain period. It's a mechanism that allows Community leaders to reward Contributors or Investors while disincentivizing speculation.

Creating a vesting schedule is an efficient way to protect investors, founders, and contributors. It’s a win-win mechanism. Indeed, locking a certain amount of Token allows to disincentivize founders and early investors to sell all their tokens with early traction, and can also disincentivize contributors to come only for speculation purposes.

The "Vesting" tool on Coinvise allows DAO leaders to compensate core community members and set up recurring payments for contributors easily. When the vesting period has been completed, the smart contract created by Coinvise, enforced on a blockchain, will allow holders to withdraw their tokens.

Let’s see how, as a contributor or investor, you can claim your tokens on Coinvise today.

Note: Before starting, make sure to have a Crypto Wallet and enough Ethereum ($ETH) to pay for the transactions (we don't charge any fees for claiming a vesting, but there are some network fees that you’ll have to pay).

Step 1 - Go on and click the Create Token button

Step 2 - Click the "Connect Wallet" button and choose your favorite option to connect

Note: Again, if you don't have a Wallet or don't know how to connect it, here's a complete tutorial.

Step 3 - Once on your Dashboard, scroll down and Click the “Withdraw” button as shown below

Note: If you don’t see the withdraw button, it’s because some time remain until your vest end. In this case, come back at the end of the period you see on your screen.

Step 4 - Once you’ve clicked on the “Withdraw” button, simply accept the transaction on your Wallet

Note: You should receive a notification letting you know you’ve successfully withdrawn the funds. Congrats 🔥

Yes, it’s that easy to claim a vest on Coinvise. If you want to create a Vesting Schedule for your community members, you can use our Vesting tool and follow our tutorials on how to create one. See you soon on Coinvise 🚀

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