Onboarding Series - Episode 4 : The Shiny Objects Social Club and the case for creating good quests
Eliot Couvat
December 16th, 2021

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Because we've always understood onboarding the next million individuals in crypto will only be possible through education and seamless user experience, we're building daily new easy-to-use tools and creating content on how to use them. 

Through a series of episodes, the "Onboarding Series" will guide you in your journey to create a tokenized community, teaching you how to leverage the Web3 tools at your disposal through concrete use cases.

In this fourth episode of the "Onboarding Series," we're going to deep-dive into the process of creating quests on Coinvise - or how to incentivize community members to help you grow the community .

Creating bounties & rewards is an essential step when building a tokenized community as a this will align incentives with community members, allow to reward them and facilitate collaboration.

1 - Shiny Objects Social Club - Token and Use-cases

The Shiny Objects Social Club is a DAO that aims to discover, share and help others learn about the most exciting technologies and trends (Web3, social tokens, Metaverse etc..) that are reshaping the world we live in. They are (and help others) building useful and exciting things with these technologies, empowering people along the way.

More concretely, the Shiny Objects Social Club is a Service DAO, offering services such as helping companies create Token Gated Discord, NFTs, Notion Design and Consulting (DAO Specific), Treasury Creation (DAO Specific), or Social Token Design.

The community is constantly experimenting with new tools and technologies, creating missions that give their members hands-on experience. Indeed, they quickly understood the new internet native, fully distributed organizations are what the internet was designed for, and they are here to help more people navigate these technologies.

They’ve created $SHINY on Coinvise and have recently created a new experiment leveraging the “Quest” tool on the Web3 platform.

2 - Leveraging Coinvise to create Quests, and reward active members with $SHINY

The whole concept of a DAO is to leverage the power of a community through social tokens to grow and achieve high-ambition goals.

But onboarding high-quality contributors in DAOs is an ever-going problem. From our experience working with dozens of DAOs, the simplest way to do it is to let anyone contribute to small tasks and let them learn by doing. To do so, DAO leaders need tools to create "Quests" (and not jobs) at scale easily.

At Coinvise, we believe that by creating quests boards instead of Job boards, most DAOs will onboard new talent. Indeed, we believe the "Quests model" is more relevant than proper "Jobs" in DAOs because, by design, DAOs enable fluidity of contribution. They are much more agile than traditional companies, and hiring someone full-time rarely makes sense.

Therefore, we've built a Quest board that allows anyone to come on Coinvise, discover new communities needing help, and contribute meaningfully. The Quest board is the place that finally matches the Supply and Demand in the Web3 space.

Along with this Quest board, we've created the tools to help Creators and community leaders to publish new quests in minutes. DAOs have the capabilities to find talent keen to help on one-off missions and bring their very-specific skill to make the DAO grow, but they hadn't the tools to reach those talents and create quests at scale and automatize the process. Indeed, creators today are mainly using "Sheets" to showcase their bounties, making it hard for contributors to find new bounties across DAO (no centralized place) and claim them (everything's done manually).

By allowing creators and DAO leaders to create quests in seconds, we'll help them achieve milestones via collective effort and help contributors earn their way into ownership within a DAO.

If you're interested in learning more about how to create well-designed bounties, meaning bounties that people will want to accomplish and that will really serve your community, we've written a complete framework to help community leaders encourage collaboration through social tokens.

3 - Understanding in-depth how to create Rewards & Bounties on Coinvise

It’s now your time to create your first Quest and unlock different experiences with your community.

To help you understand better how to create a Quest for your community with your Token, we’ve created a complete guide with images, videos, and FAQs, that you can access below.


If you still have further questions about Airdrop, please join Coinvise’s Discord and ask for some help from Eliot | Coinvise | PST#2942.

You should now be good to go! We hope this fourth episode of the “Onboarding Series” helped you understand better the possibilities of the “Quest” tool on Coinvise. Make sure to read the other episode on our Mirror publication.

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