Onboarding Series - Episode 1: Global Coin Research and the case for Minting a Token
Eliot Couvat
December 13th, 2021

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Because we've always understood onboarding the next million individuals in crypto will only be possible through education and seamless user experience, we're building daily new easy-to-use tools and creating content on how to use them. 

Through a series of episodes, the "Onboarding Series" will guide you in your journey to create a tokenized community, teaching you how to leverage the Web3 tools at your disposal through concrete use cases.

In this first episode of the "Onboarding Series," we're going to deep-dive into the process of minting - creating a token.

Creating a token is an essential step when building a tokenized community as a token will align incentives with community members, allow to reward them, facilitate collaboration, create trust and more.

1 - The $GCR Token and Use-cases

Global Coin Research is a tokenized, decentralized DAO of learners and investors in Web3.

Joyce Yang, the founder of Global Coin Research (GCR), has created this community as a media platform and a crypto community. At GCR, there are kind of two separate entities with a very close and tied approach, anywhere in the media and publishing platforms. Joyce, along with the other team members have created a novel platform where it makes sense for the writers to earn value and earn a living from day one. 

GCR allows anyone to contribute to creating quality content around crypto topics, has a robust community and a Discord server where they host weekly workshops, AMAs for founders, and showcase projects that are about to launch or that has just launched in the crypto space. They also make crypto investments as syndicates inside the groups.

To run this thriving community, community leaders have decided to launch a token, the $GCR token, that serves as a way to access token-gated content (special investment deals for example), vote on key decisions regarding the future of the community, and be rewarded for the work someone has put in the community (by writing essay, helping on growth, source deals etc..).

Today, there are two principal ways to get $GCR. Anyone can either purchase $GCR directly on Uniswap or contribute directly to their Media Mining program.

There is currently three tiers in the community: Pionner - Alpha - Gold. Each tier allow a different access to the GCR content. With their token, GCR’s leaders have been able to token-gate content at scale and align incentives with their community.

So how the Global Coin Research leaders have made to create their token? Let's find out together 🔥

2 - Leveraging Coinvise to Mint $GCR

First of all, Global Coin Research have created an account on Coinvise to leverage the many tools that the Web3 platform has developed in the past months.

From the platform, the team at GCR can simply follow the instructions on the Coinvise’s dashboard and have been able to mint their token and receive it in their wallet in less than 10 minutes.

Important Notes: There are no cuts or fees on minting a token on Coinvise. The creator has full ownership over the contract deployed from the form below and is independently deployed every time a new token is minted.

With the token in their wallet, they then started to implement all the tokenomics of their token, meaning all the things that enable participants to earn more tokens by contributing positively. They’ve created a Discord server and token-gated some channels with Collab.land, started to send tokens to active contributors and started rewarding contributors for creating exclusive content for their media platform.

3 - Understanding in-depth how to mint a token

It’s now your time to create your token and leverage this technology to make your community thrive. 

To help you understand better how to mint a token for your community, we’ve created a complete guide with images, videos, and FAQs, that you can access below.


You should now be good to go! If you still have further questions about how to mint a token, please join Coinvise’s Discord and ask for some help from Eliot | Coinvise | PST#2942. We hope this first episode of the “Onboarding Series” helped you understand better the possibilities and use-cases of creating a token. Make sure to read the other episode here available on our Mirror publication.

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